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Valorant Yoru Weapon Butterfly Knife Comb

Valorant Yoru Weapon Butterfly Knife Comb

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Step into the world of Valorant with our Yoru-inspired toy butterfly knife! Modeled after the sleek blade wielded by the stealthy duelist, Yoru, in the game, this comb-designed replica brings the virtual thrills into reality. Crafted with safety in mind, it features a comb design with no sharp edges, ensuring safe flipping fun for fans of all ages. Whether you're a dedicated gamer, collector, or simply seeking a unique addition to your arsenal, our Yoru-inspired toy butterfly knife promises endless entertainment and tactical flair.

Authentic Design

Our toy butterfly knife faithfully replicates the sleek and stylish blade wielded by Yoru in Valorant, capturing the essence of virtual tactics in reality.

Safe and Durable

Crafted with a comb design and no sharp edges, this replica ensures safe flipping fun for users of all ages, making it ideal for gaming enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Perfect for Cosplay

Complete your Yoru cosplay or add a touch of Valorant flair to your costume with this authentic replica, sure to impress fellow gamers and fans.

Unique Gift Idea

Whether for yourself or the Valorant fan in your life, our Yoru-inspired toy butterfly knife makes a unique and memorable gift for any occasion.

Elevate Your Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the world of Valorant and channel the tactics of Yoru with our authentic replica. Perfect for practicing tricks or adding flair to your gaming setup!

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